GlutenFreeSingles: Linking GF Daters, Building Up the Community & Spreading Awareness

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GlutenFreeSingles: Linking GF Daters, Building Up the Community & Spreading Awareness

The Short variation: launched by gluten-free best friends Sheri Grande and Marcella Romaya, may be the basic and biggest dating site specifically for singles who’ve Celiac condition, gluten allergies, or gluten-free tastes. Besides really does GlutenFreeSingles provide a welcoming location for these daters, but the site additionally spreads understanding and educates people within and beyond the gluten-free neighborhood through the new blog, active forum, and extensive resources web page.


According to, 1% of Us americans have Celiac infection and 18 million have some non-celiac associated sensitivity to gluten. These individuals understand better than most the problems of food shopping, preparing, and consuming with someone that does not have the same nutritional requirements.

Right here to help make life — and matchmaking — easier is

Launched in 2013, GlutenFreeSingles may be the basic and the majority of common on the web program for daters with Celiac illness or a gluten sensitivity — if theyare looking for lovers that happen to be gluten cost-free (GF) or have comparable nutritional allergies, desire to boost their diet plan by eliminating gluten, or are seeking guidance and details.

«We realized there was clearly a requirement for a gluten-free dating website since when it comes to matchmaking, food is a huge section of it,» mentioned Sheri Grande, Co-Founder of GlutenFreeSingles. «Dining out and cooking collectively when you’ve got exactly the same nutritional requirements is easier.»

Not too long ago we sat straight down with Sheri to discuss the theory and unique characteristics behind GlutenFreeSingles, and the need for having a welcoming space of these women and men to share with you their unique experiences with residing a GF lifestyle.

Sheri & Marcella’s individual Struggles motivated GlutenFreeSingles

Sheri Grande and Co-Founder Marcella Romaya being close friends for decades. With Sheri having a gluten intolerance and Marcella having Celiac illness, they will have usually discussed a desire for consuming really, working out, and leading an excellent life overall. But in spending a great deal time with each other, they began to see how ingesting similar circumstances made preparing and dining out collectively so much easier.

The light-bulb moment came from Marcella’s very own battles with matchmaking. Not too long ago single, she was actually attempting her luck on conventional internet dating sites, and then perhaps not get a hold of a match which could relate with the woman in terms of as well as the GF lifesyle. After learning from those struggles, Sheri and Marcella founded, a site for healthy people in basic, and got more specific with GlutenFreeSingles right after.

Sheri mentioned these private experiences among others like them confirm that there surely is genuine importance in dating and starting a commitment with someone who has similar wellness needs and knows that this way of eating isn’t really a selection — its essential.

«we now have found that connections lasts much longer whenever lovers have actually comparable lifestyle needs and typical passions,» she stated. «there are numerous determining elements in any type of union, but finding a partner who’s additionally gluten-free is among the bits of that problem. Those people that suffer from Celiac illness or have a gluten intolerance realize that entirely.»

Serving individuals Within & not in the GF Community

Besides being centered on the gluten-free singles audience, GlutenFreeSingles now offers many methods to much better offer the GF demographic as a whole.

GlutenFreeSingles’ thorough resources page suggests ideal web sites and organizations for associated information, tips, groups, and much more, while the items page includes affordable stuff like caps and T-shirts and features GlutenFreeSingles’ own brand, «GF is actually a way of living.»

In terms of information and getting knowing various other gluten-free folks, you need to consider the website and community forum.

Articles are posted regularly with numerous advice about internet dating and everyday living, like «how to become Amazing, Incredible, and Unflappable once you satisfy His/Her group,» as well as development about superstars and activities, like «Guess Which famous Athlete Credits Cutting Gluten With Elevating His Game?» For feedback from each and every day wheat-watchers like yourself, develop a post (dating-related or not) within the message board, or answer additional customers and gives your very own advice.

«we provide our folks a reference for nearly any such thing gluten-free, whether which is goods, mags, or just about any other types of information they could need,» Sheri stated.

It’s not hard to note that GlutenFreeSingles is not just a company to Sheri and Marcella — it’s about getting here your gluten-sensitive audience and spreading the phrase regarding what it certainly way to end up being gluten-free.

«we all know just how hard it could be around once you have Celiac condition or a gluten attitude, so we like to spread the phrase which help other individuals,» she stated.

a Targeted User Base improves your odds of discovering a Match

Since the 2013 release, GlutenFreeSingles has received above 20,000 people join, with to 200 brand-new sign-ups every day. The site in addition has be a well-known name inside the U.S. and Canada, having been presented in over two dozen national news outlets.

And GlutenFreeSingles is growing, because they recently extended toward U.K., where in fact the GF marketplace is likely to expand from $395 million to $931 million by 2017, according to

«the brand is all around the world, and then we have people from everywhere,» Sheri said.

«As soon as we took chances on GlutenFreeSingles, we’d little idea love could stretch 2,300 kilometers. Now we are with each other and dealing on joyfully actually after.» — Dale & Pia

Having this type of a targeted market and audience, GlutenFreeSingles enhances your odds of discovering that special gluten-free someone, which has currently occurred for countless present and previous consumers, whether it’s relationship, a date, a connection, or a wedding.

«for this reason it’s a distinct segment, since your chances of finding really love are much higher,» she mentioned. «we are trying to get this area collectively and give these folks a reference plus find really love, therefore it is interesting.»

And Sheri, Marcella, additionally the group are conscientious about safety and security, monitoring this site each day so people can rest assured that anyone they may be speaking with is which they claim these are typically.

«in relation to the market internet dating sites, more and more people are embracing them since there’s much less threat,» Sheri mentioned.

Last Thoughts

GlutenFreeSingles serves a large industry, the one that’s growing daily, and it really does a fantastic work of supplying these similar and like-appetited individuals a certain place to meet one another.

With a pair of nurturing and inventive founders when driving and a vast quantity of details to fairly share, GlutenFreeSingles will probably continue accumulating the GF society and growing the ability all over the world.

For 2016, established its first marketing and advertising program to provide gluten-free brand names the opportunity to sell their own products/services to its gluten-free society. Remain up to date with every thing GlutenFreeSingles through all of them fb, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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